The Northern Alberta Canine Association, or N.A.C.A, is an all breed dog club, founded by a small but dedicated group of volunteers! We are a group of dog enthusiasts who continue to firmly believe and advocate that the best source for a puppy or adult dog for your family will always be those responsible breeders who produce puppies with the goal of improving the health and physical traits of their breed. To accomplish that, responsible breeders continuously study their pedigrees and breeding stock, do health checks on all of the dog involved in the breeding program, properly raise and socialize their puppies, and stand behind their puppies. Responsible breeders are proud of their puppies and participate in activities and organizations that further their knowledge of their breed and their dogs.

As we have for many years during our local dog show, we will continue to make the following statement, 'If you are planning to add a dog to your life and have come to look over the best of the best, please note, no dog you have seen here (yesterday or today) came from a pet shop, or was the 'product' of a puppy mill (if you will). If you want a dog, go to the people who care - the dedicated specialty breeders who have made dogs like you see here - a lifetime effort. Talk dogs with dog people who care and understand. REMEMBER - a dog is for life!'